YO check it, so because we are lucky enough to have people like you, best fans in the world, who show us so much love and who are interested enough to actually read this, we get to live out our collective dreams of being i hell sick muso's. We can't thanks you enough so we decided it might nice to give you something back so we're starting a blog!!

Now none of us are bloggers in fact far from it, i have to use a hammer and some "Start Ya Bastard" to turn my laptop on, however we thought we would have a stab at it anyway. There is going to be spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes in fact i'm sure there are some in this post but hey you get what you pay for. 

It's pretty simple, we're going to share stories of us and the shit we get up to and probably plug some more old blood stuff but mainly it's to help you guys feel like you're more connected to us. What we get to do is the best job in the world but it doesn't come without its hard work and pitfalls so we thought it might be cool to share with you! 

So keep an eye out for new blogs, i think we might try and make it fortnightly thing but who knows after a few bevies and a jam one of us might feel inspired to get on here and have a yarn.

Much love xoxo gossip girl 

Tony, Shaun, Edo, Jules and Tyler 

Tony Papa-Adams